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About Us

bitcopy is a team of writers and editors who have experienced the impact bitcoin can have on our own and others' lives. They bring a diverse array of experience to their writing, which is matched by their research to stay on top of this rapidly growing space. By collaborating together, we provide a service that reflects a leading-edge understanding of the relevant issues in bitcoin and the lightning network. The beauty of bitcopy is that our writers are incentivized to write about topics that accelerate their learning about important concepts in finance and global development; thereby empowering them in their own lives. The result is financial empowerment for everyone involved.

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Our Team


Gerrit van Sittert is the founder and lead editor of bitcopy. After traveling to El Salvador, having many conversations, and covering topics in almost every aspect of cryptocurrency, he realized that there are some core truths in bitcoin-LN (and crypto) that need to be shared. In order to accomplish that, he realized that he can empower other writers in the process.


Thomas Molander is a writer and editor for bitcopy. He writes about a wide array bitcoin-LN (and crypto) topics, and has a Master's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing

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